Obituaries and Memorials for Local Cemeteries

Obituaries and Memorials As Cemeteriat has grown in popularity, users have continue to request enhancements.  We have added the ability to include an obituary, special fields to acknowledge those who have served their country in the military, and recognition of those who have survived the holocaust. Simple enhancements are worked on when time is available.  More complex enhancements… Read More »

Cemetery Management for Historical Cemetery Societies

Cemetery Management software can be expensive. In most cases the cost is well outside the reach of a small historical society. In 2011 I was approached by just such a society.  They had seen my work on Rootspersona, a WordPress plugin for genealogists, and wondered if I would work with them to develop a plugin for historic cemeteries. A few… Read More »


Welcome to the demo site for Cemeteriat, the affordable Cemetery Management program for WordPress. Do you run a website for your local cemetery? Need a way to manage that site and display attractive web pages for each grave site? Cemeteriat offers the site administrator the ability to automate the creation of web pages for the decedents residing in… Read More »