Welcome to the demo site for Cemeteriat, the affordable Cemetery Management program for WordPress.

Do you run a website for your local cemetery? Need a way to manage that site and display attractive web pages for each grave site?

2014-07-03 18_06_08-Thompson, David _ Cemeteriat
Cemeteriat offers the site administrator the ability to automate the creation of web pages for the decedents residing in your cemetery.  Users with edit privileges provide location data for each plot, information about the deceased including birth, death, spouse, parents, and an obituary; the plugin does the rest!

The plugin even includes a (lite) payment management system for invoicing clients!

2014-07-03 18_06_33-Thompson, David _ Cemeteriat
And we just added the ability to display grave sites in Google Maps, simply by providing latitude and longitude!

So browse and see what Cemeteriat can do for your Cemetery website, whether for a small church site or a large historical cemetery!