A Cemeteriat Tour – Settings

Cemeteriat adds a menu item to Settings and Tools.  First, Settings.

Plot locations are broken down into 5 parts – Area, Section, Block, Row, Plot, and Subplot.  You can remove up to 4, and you can rename them according to your own descriptions of plot locations.

As you will see in a bit, the admin app has 3 tabs, the third being for an invoicing system.  Not all instances require this, so you can turn it off here.

For privacy reasons, you have the option of hiding the plot location panel.


You also have the option of displaying the location of each plot on Google Maps.

Cemeteriat allows for minimal restyling, including background color, a banner image, or restyle the header area if you have knowledge of CSS.

The edit screen for a plot includes a placeholder image for the headstone and map.  You can redefine which images to use in Settings as well.


And you can toggle Debug Mode as well (although I ‘m not sure that still works).