Additional Tools

If Cemetery locations can be defined sequentially, plots can be added in bulk and updated later with information about their occupants.

Cemeteriat provides a very basic import function.  The input box includes the names of fields that can be imported.  If your CSV file does not include all fields, they can be removed.  They can also be reordered to match the order in your import file.

This functionality was meant to be used for first time population of the database.  Note the warning about overriding data if used more than once.

As mentioned before, a screen is provided to record information about the cemetery, although that information is not currently displayed anywhere but here.


Information can also be collected about the cemetery staff.

While visitors of the site will use standard WordPress search functionality if provided, the backend provides a search by plot screen for finding plots to be populated.

The Cemeteriat backend also includes a search by person option.

The database maintenance screen allows you to clean up any orphans records, which hopefully doesn’t occur.